GC-2_(24)_resizeCustom Presentation Cases and Gun Boxes

In addition to teaching I also have a full service woodworking shop. These are some of the custom gun cases we have made. We can make a case, gun rack or a piece of furniture, that will concealed your firearm, to fit any design or need. We use a wide variety of both domestic and exotic woods. The CNC machine allows us to customize  any piece we do. All prices will vary depending on what you are looking for and what you need.

 Fitted for the 1911 series 70. This case is made of flat sawn Zebrawood with  Black Walnut trim on the lid. The inside mold is Jatoba and has a 1/2 of medium density foam between it and the bottom. The finish is lacquer which has been hand rubbed and polished. This case can be made to accommodate any pistol, either with or without accessories. It can be made with any type wood to fit your exact needs. All hardware is solid brass.


Price:  $395.00

Fitted for the Springfield XD series. This case is Hard Maple with Cherry trim. The inside mold is Cherry with 1/2" medium density foam between it and the base. The finish is lacquer,  hand rubbed and polished. All hardware is solid brass.


Price:  $295.00

This is a custom footlocker for a guy that was in both the Marines and the Navy. He wanted someplace to display the stuff he had in Nam. It is made of Hickory and measures 24 x 14 x 10.5 with a 2" tray. The EGA and name are deeply engraved not laser engraved. It has all black cast hardware.


Price:  $250.00

This is a rifle rack for the same guy. All lettering is deeply engraved and not laser done. There is a heavy duty mounting system on the back.

Price:  $200.00

Custom rifle storage box. This box sits in the basement with a cushion on top and appears to just be a bench. It will hold two levels of rifles and or shotguns and has a lock. This one was Oak.

Price will vary.

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