Recommended Links

Here are some sites of interest and general information.

The Illinois State Police have a very informative and easy to use page. Stay up to date on CCW information. It also has a list of LiveScan locations that you will need when you get your fingerprints and TCN.

    The Illinois State Rifle Association is the leading gun rights association in the state. If you are not a member you should consider it. This organization fights for your rights every day. I am currently a Life Member.

    National Rifle Association......enough said. I am currently a Life Member

     Veteran Owned Business is a premier site that lists the companies that are owned and operated by Veterans. They have earned your support. If you are looking for something check here first.

     Galco is a great source of quality holsters and belts. If you plan on using an outside the pants holster the belt size and thickness is important.

     Great leather concealed carry accessories. I have had one of their vests for about 10 years. There is none better.

     The Aurora Sportsmen's Club in located in Waterman IL. I think they have built one of the finest facilities in the Midwest. They offer trap, skeet, pistol, rifle, archery and the ever impressive 600 yard range. It is in a great location and is run by a truly dedicated group of people. Be sure to check out the Zombie shoot. I have been a Life member for over 15 years.

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